The no-code revolution is not coming – It is here!

Is your business ready for the future of software development?

The no-code revolution is a recent advance within the software development industry. The core idea is to change the way development is done by providing end users with platforms they can use to build enterprise-grade software in a way that requires absolutely zero programming knowledge.

It is a strange concept, to be sure. The arcane art of programming has long been the bedrock of software development, but the no-code revolution is gaining traction among many of the world’s top software companies.

In fact, it is even being promoted as the “future of software development” by some, as it makes software creation so much more accessible than it has been up to now.

Why no-code?

The business world is adapting and evolving every day to changing market conditions. It is a requirement for survival. And the software that drives business and helps it pivot quickly has become incredibly complex. Creating it takes an almost superhuman effort to get right, not to mention a great deal of time.

The no-code revolution, and the platforms that support it, solves for the complexity and time needed to build effective business software solutions. It provides end users with logic-based building blocks, which can be arranged and ordered using a drag-and-drop interface in any way the user can imagine.

By assembling the blocks, end users can build their own software solutions that do exactly what they want to achieve. The platforms that provide the blocks take care of everything else. Regulatory compliance, security, standardization, automation, and more are built into these platforms, allowing the end users to focus on what is important.

Development happens far faster as a result, and the ability to iterate quickly based on feedback helps creators build effective software solutions in much less time.

Introducing: The No-Code Playbook

A new book, The No-Code Playbook, is coming soon and outlines everything in detail. It has been co-authored by Katherine Kostereva, CEO of Creatio, and Burley Kawasaki, founder of Tachyon Solutions.

In the book, they have addressed some of the software industry’s most pressing questions. These include how to do everything modern businesses need to do with their software while delivering game-changing, real-world results without overstepping compliance and regulatory boundaries.

The book reimagines the no-code life cycle into a three-step process:

  • Design, where you define what the business is trying to achieve and prototype the application
  • Go-live, where you deliver the first release of your solution as fast as possible, and
  • Everyday Delivery, where you use user feedback to continuously iterate and refine your software into the solution your business needs.

The No-Code Playbook launches on October 4th, accompanied by a virtual showcase of the book and its authors. Attendance is free, but you will need to register for it beforehand.

There is plenty to look forward to on the day, including a talk by Steve Wozniak, who will explore how the software landscape is shifting and how that will affect business in the future. Here is a teaser of what Woz has to say.

Attendees will also have the chance to win one of 25 copies of The No-Code Playbook on the day, signed by both authors.

The future is now

No-code does not mean the end of programmers or IT departments. Instead, it optimizes the role of IT within the business, helps to modernize legacy systems, and empowers organizations to build and deploy bespoke applications quickly.

The future of software development is already here, and you do not want to miss out.