Documenting and creating new workflows for your business can become a time-intensive task to keep track of different versions or files and get a full picture of the business.  With the use of Studio Creatio, a free online business process mapping application, you can access your processes from anywhere.  The visual style is easy to read and similar to how you develop low-code business processes in Creatio.

Why we Like Studio Creatio


The folder-like structure allows you to keep your processes organized

  • Title processes and easily rename
  • Add folders to group departmental processes together
  • Drag and drop processes into folders to restructure organization
Multiple clearly defined process elements available

There are a variety of elements you can use in modeling the process.  Each has a different color to be able to quickly see the different items in a workflow.  Suggested names are provided, though the beauty of Studio Creatio is you can make it your own.  For example, we often use the Service Task element to represent an automated data update.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Text Annotation to call out questions or clarify information
  • Add more detailed notes to each element
  • Swim lanes to visualize overall process by department
Drag and drop functionality
  • Intuitive controls require minimal training
  • Easily add process elements or move elements to redesign the process
Sample workflow
Export Processes Diagrams or Documentation
  • Export to .bpmn to upload into a different Studio Creatio account
  • Share an exported .png with users who are not involved in the editing/maintenance of processes
  • Provide training documentation on workflows
Account Organization
  • Quickly switch between the Accounts you are apart of
    • Create processes under different accounts to control collaboration access
    • Add users to accounts to provide Edit or Administrator rights

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