Learn about and preview the new features coming in Creatio version 8.1.  A revamped low-code/no-code architecture provides a pleasing user interface supported by an even more user friendly development environment bringing your customizations live to users at a faster pace.  This will be a multi-part series showcasing the updates you can expect to see from Creatio.

Composable CRM Experience

Regardless of the services (marketing, sales and service) key themes are available throughout the Creatio environment

Development tools for custom components

Empower software developers to create custom components that further expand the Creatio component library in a reusable way

  • Customize all component parts inside the component remote module
  • Use themes in custom components
  • In-depth clarification of ViewModel API
  • Create a custom settings panel for your component in the Freedom UI designer

Next steps

A new component allows users to quickly see what’s next without having to change tabs.

  • Standalone component that allows to track the list recommended and required steps generated by DCM – expand or collapse giving the user the ability to see what matters most
  • Easily complete an activity from the list
  • Edit an existing activity and quickly add a new one
  • Log the call results with just a few mouse clicks without leaving the record

Mini pages

The use of mini pages allows for a quick preview into a record without leaving the main record.

  • Ability to create and edit records with modal windows
  • Modal window templates are a preconfigured page in business processes allowing no-code/low-code developers the ability to customize
  • Ability to use any component and layout element in the modal page template
  • Use different mini page layouts for one section depending on the record type

Editable lists

No-code configurations provide users the ability to do more with a list without going into individual records

  • Inline record adding 
  • Ability to work with progress bars in editable list and change the stage of a record directly in the editable list
  • Ability to delete records with connected data and new hotkeys for deleting record or cell data

Progress Bar

A streamlined progress bar provides a more intuitive at a glance view of a record’s status.

  • Standalone Freedom UI stage execution indicator providing more visible space on the page for what matters most
  • Responsive design giving a similar experience in mobile applications

Mobile app enhancements 

A more integrated mobile app environment provides the same look and feel from development and configuration to user experience.

  • Freedom UI experience for tablets – regardless of the device users have the same experience using Creatio
  • Business rules in the mobile app are even more convenient to configure: 
    • Ability to use object-level rules in the mobile app
    • Ability to set up visibility, required, set value, and filtration rules
    • Business rules are available in an online/offline mode
    • Ability to set up custom business rules
  • Ability to open linked records directly from approvals